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How Cellular Signal Boosters Work


There are 3 main parts or components of a mobile phone signal booster system, whether it is a mobile or in-building solution. 

  1. There is always some type of outdoor antenna that collects incoming signal and rebroadcasts signals to and from the cellphone towers.  
  2. There is an internal antenna that communicates with your cellphone or data card. 
  3. There is a signal booster or BDA (bi-directional amplifier) that improves or "boosts" the cellular signal.   

These systems can be as small as the Wilson Sleek (Part# 815226) cradle amplifier, our DB Pro (Part# 841263) home/office solution, or our AG Pro 75 (Part# 801280) large building amplifier. 

Wilson Boost can provide you with a solution to your poor cellular reception problems in your home, office, or while you are on the road.  With our knowledgable sales and support staff we can help you decide which option would be best for you!